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Give us a few hours of your time and we'll teach you WHY expectations for young people are so low, WHAT you can do about it, and HOW to join this counter-cultural youth movement.

It all started with a stack of books...

The summer when Alex and I were 16 was a tough summer. 

Our plans had fallen through. We were bored. Nothing was happening.

Then one morning my dad walked into the dining room with a huge stack of books. 

“I’m putting you two on an intense reading regimen,” he announced. 

That stack of books changed our lives. 

One of the first books we read was The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman. 

In this New York Times Bestseller we discovered that the world is changing… FAST. 

But what stood out to us was what Friedman said about teenagers. 

Teenagers in places like India and China are working hard, Friedman said. 

They are preparing for life. They’re pushing themselves. 

They are setting themselves up for success.

American young people, on the other hand, are coasting towards mediocrity. 

Teenagers in the United States are complacent and entitled, he wrote. 

They’re goofing off, having fun, and are largely unprepared for the future.

And it suddenly hit us... 

“He’s saying that there are different results for living the teen years different ways." 

And then we were like…. “WAIT JUST A MINUTE!!" 

Because our culture tells us it doesn’t matter how we spend our teen years. 

Our culture tells us we can goof off and live for fun and suffer no real consequences. 

And that’s a lie. 

The teen years matter. They matter very much. 

And here was this famous author writing about this in a book for politicians and teachers and business people. 

But who was going to tell the teenagers? 

Teenagers were the ones who needed this message the most. Who was going to tell them? 

Well, we decided that we would… At least, we would try. 

So we started a blog. 

And we called it "The Rebelution."

That's me (Brett) on the left and Alex on the right.

The Blog Becomes a Movement


This clip from the Do Hard Things Conference unpacks our crazy adventures after starting the blog.

Taking it on the road...

After we came home from Alabama we knew we were on to something. 

This simple idea of "rebelling against low expectations" was transforming lives.  

We got to be the guinea pigs as interns at the Alabama Supreme Court. 

Then we saw it work for dozens of other young people during the political campaigns. 

And it didn’t just work for Type-A personalities. 

It worked for shy girls like Heidi. 

It worked for everyone.

And it can work for you too.

Armed with this confidence we took this message on the road.

The Do Hard Things Conference was born.

This was a one-day event for Christian teens, parents, and youth workers.

We travelled the country for four years, inspiring young people to do hard things.

Four sessions. Four hours of teaching.

That’s all it took to transform young people from coasting through life to living with purpose.

And here's the best news...

Now YOU can watch the Do Hard Things Conference for yourself.

Scroll down for all the details.


Do Hard Things Video Conference

Experience the conference... from home.

We're not doing conferences anymore.

But we did capture the entire conference on video.

Now your family can experience this life-changing event as well.

(And share it with others).

"Shortly after watching your conference, my 12-year-old told me he wanted to serve the people of a small, needy village in Honduras. Amazingly, the Lord opened all the right doors which allowed us to go within a matter of weeks. We made a video and entered it into a contest — and won that village $16,000!"


Here's what you will get:

Session 1: The Myth of Adolescence

  • Welcome from Alex and Brett
  • "Why Are You Here?" (Our Story)
  • You will learn the history of the word "teenager"
  • You will learn what teenagers in the past were like
  • You will learn just how low expectations for teenagers have fallen
  • You will learn what the Bible has to say about teenagers
  • You will be invited to join The Rebelution movement

Session Length: 66 minutes

Session 2: Do Hard Things

  • You will learn the gruesome details of my first shower 
  • You will learn why babies are more successful than teenagers
  • You will learn how to adopt a "do hard things" mentality
  • You will learn seven practical ways to start doing hard things
  • You will learn how to avoid discouragement and complacency
  • You will learn how to overcome your fear of failure
  • You will learn why faithfulness in the small things is so important

Session Length: 54 minutes

Session 3: True Character

  • My dad delivers the most important session of the day
  • You will hear the story of the abandoned apple tree
  • You will learn what moral character really is (and why it matters)
  • You will learn why changing yourself feels impossible 
  • You will learn how to diagnose the true state of your character
  • You will learn why being "born again" makes all the difference
  • You will be invited to take "The Test" (five life-changing questions)
  • You will get to watch dozens of young people come to Christ
  • Powerful gospel presentation for believers and unbelievers alike 

Session Length: 70 minutes

Session 4: The Power of Companionship

  • You will learn three biblical principles about companionship
  • You will learn why the media has such a powerful influence on teens
  • You will learn how parents can strategically invest in their kids
  • You will learn seven practical application steps you can take
  • You will learn the key question teens should ask older Christians
  • You will learn a simple strategy for actually changing your life
  • You will hear from two sisters who started a ministry at ages 14 and 11

Session Length: 54 minutes

What People Are Saying


“Adult expectations for youth are too low. And these twins are out to raise them. Don’t adapt to the low cultural expectations for youth. Set high ones. Youth can become examples for adults. Think that way. Dream that way. Or as the Harris brothers would say, ‘Rebel against low expectations.'"

— JOHN PIPER, DesiringGod.org

“Alex and Brett Harris are two extraordinary young men with a revolutionary message. In a culture where laziness and ease is often the order of the day for teenagers, Do Hard Things presents a radical and provocative alternative."

— ALBERT MOHLER, The Briefing

“Alex and Brett are the real deal — young men of character, depth, and eternal perspective. They're abandoned to Jesus. Their message is vital, for just such a time as this. Join the Rebelution!'"

— RANDY ALCORN, Eternal Perspective Ministries

“I know the twins personally and can vouch for their integrity and wisdom. I've seen their passion to raise up a new generation of tough-spirited young people. They are amazing young men, uniquely qualified to inspire others."

— CHUCK NORRIS, martial artist, actor, film producer

How much does it cost?

Most young people have no idea how low expectations influence their lives.

And yet research shows that expectations are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Consider the following "roadmap of adolescence" offered by Psychology Today.

This is the default path our society offers young people:

Early Adolescence (ages 9-13): 

You will develop a negative attitude, argue with rules, and let homework and chores slide. You will also tend to test limits by engaging in activities such as shoplifting, vandalizing, and early experimentation with drugs.

Mid-Adolescence (ages 13-15): 

You will engage in more intense conflict with your parents, more lying to avoid consequences for wrongdoing, and experience more pressure to use illegal substances. At this stage you will be ruled by the need for immediate gratification and pleasing your peers.

Late Adolescence (ages 15-18): 

Anticipate significant emotional and sexual involvement in dating relationships, recreational substance use at parties, and a lack of readiness to take on worldly independence and responsibility.

Trial Independence (ages 18-23): 

You can expect low self-esteem from being unable to meet the demands of adult responsibility, as well as increased anxiety from not having clear direction in life or the self-discipline to consistently pursue it. You can also anticipate that you will be highly distracted by peers who are equally aimless, which will lead to more partying to escape responsibility, as well as experimenting with hard drugs.

How much does it cost young people to stay on the path of low expectations?

How much does it cost families?

What would it be worth to you, to avoid that path entirely?

The good news is there is an alternative path — and you’re on it.

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations — a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things.

This is not an easy path, but it leads somewhere good. And our personal mission is to come alongside you and help you make it through.

Will you join us?

Do Hard Things Video Conference

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"Your message impacted my heart and encouraged me greatly... I have a been a Rebelutionary for the last 4 years, but like all Rebelutionaries I get tired now and then, and your conference helped pick me back up."


"Your conference really helped me realize that if I died that day I really wasn't sure if I would go to heaven or hell. It really got me thinking, and totally changed my life!"


"I have learned how to give the glory to God in everything I do, and not be afraid to tell people that I BELIEVE in a God who still uses young people in his work."


"We believe the conference helped shape our oldest children's thinking in many ways including work ethic. We highly appreciate you and your message."


Do Hard Things Video Conference

One payment of $40