Calling all Christian teens who want to do hard things…

Now You Can Be Surrounded By A Supportive Community That Helps You Learn, Grow, And Rebel Against Low Expectations

Introducing the Do Hard Things Community.

An edifying social media alternative for serious Christian teens.

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"DHTC is like a giant, loving, caring family."
— Susannah, DHTC Member

Find Like-Minded Teens

Connect with other Christian teens who are serious about living for God.

Be Productive... Together!

Get more schoolwork, chores, and other projects done using "focus sprints."

Start Doing Hard Things

Step outside your comfort zone and grow stronger in your faith. 

Meet Dozens of Rebelutionaries Just Like You And Stop Feeling So Alone

Join "Focus Sprints" And Enjoy Being Productive Together

Post Prayer Requests, Start Meaningful Discussions, And More

What Members Are Saying:

"Meeting and interacting with young people who are fired up for the Lord is so amazing! The community is like a breath of fresh air after all the other social media that is out there."


"I love DHTC because it is a safe environment where other, like-minded young people can build each other up and encourage one another to 'do hard things' and to continue to seek Christ and grow stronger in our faith."

ANNA, Age 18

"I joined DHTC in May 2019, and I am amazed at how much I have grown in my Christian walk since then. Having so many like-minded friends that I can do hard things with is just plain awesome! I’ve been able to discuss productivity, engage in theological conversations, have my opinions challenged, share prayer requests, ask for advice (a lot!), and develop life-long friendships."


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You can sign-up today for $1 and get immediate access to the Do Hard Things Community — an edifying social media alternative for serious Christian teens.

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An edifying social media alternative for serious Christian teens.

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An edifying social media alternative for serious Christian teens.




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