Do Hard Things University | Pay-What-You-Can


Don't let money stop you. We won't turn anyone away for lack of funds.

You've discovered our online course, Do Hard Things University.

It's an online course that teaches young people how to find their passions, get started, stay motivated, manage their time, and build a team.

Maybe you clicked through to the website.  

Maybe you started reading the program overview.

Or maybe you did what I tend to do and skipped right to the price.  

"It doesn't matter how awesome this is if we can't afford it."  

Am I right?  


Well, here's the problem.  

You may have skipped right to the price and then decided:  

"This obviously isn't for us."  

But you'd be wrong.  

Do Hard Things University is for any teen who wants to rebel against low expectations and use their teen years to the fullest.

That's why we offer a Pay-What-You-Can policy.  

We don't turn anyone away for lack of funds.  

Unfortunately, a lot of families who are struggling financially look at the price... and leave.  

They don't even notice the Pay-What-You-Can policy.  

So... please pay attention now:  

If your family is dealing with unemployment or underemployment.  

If medical bills or crises have drained your finances.  

If you are a single mom or dad.  

If you are a missionary family living on support.  

If you are unable to afford the program for ANY legitimate reason...  

Please take advantage of our Pay-What-You-Can policy.  

If you believe this program will be a blessing to you (or your child)...  

Don't let money stand in the way.

Let us invest in your future.

PRICE: Whatever Your Family Can Afford

NOTE: Only for families facing real financial hardship.

Try The Program Risk Free With Our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Join Today And Spend 60 Days Inside The Course
  • Meaningfully Engage With Everything The Program Offers
  • Get A 100% Refund If We Fail To Deliver On What We Promised

The only requirement is that your child watch at least three sessions before you request a refund. We can only give refunds to people who give us a fair chance. (Click here for details)

Additional Questions? [email protected]