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I can help you change your life.

Hi, my name is Brett Harris. I’m the co-founder of

I’ve been helping young people start doing hard things since I was 16. 

Since then millions of teens, parents, and youth workers have visited my website, over 600,000 have purchased my books, and tens-of-thousands have attended my conferences. 

But despite the way God has blessed my work, I’ll never forget where I started. 

At 16, I was desperate to make a difference, but I felt stuck — in limbo. 

It was a time of uncertainty for our family as we dealt with a major health crisis. It was a time of uncertainty for my twin brother Alex and me because our summer plans fell through. 

But God is far bigger than our circumstances. And He still uses ordinary young people to accomplish extraordinary things in His Kingdom. 

Three years later, Alex and I were publishing our first book, Do Hard Things, our simple blog had grown into an international movement, and we had passion and purpose like we never imagined. 

And that was just the beginning.

That's me (Brett) on the left and Alex on the right.

Where will you be in three years?

Do Hard Things University is all about where you’ll be in three years. It’s about how your life could change by doing hard things — starting right where you are and growing from there. 

Three years from now, if we met each other, would you have a story tell me? A story of starting small and seeing God entrust you with bigger and harder things to do? 

Or, will you still be thinking, “I could never change the world like that. Maybe someday. Later.” 

Three years from now, will you still be waiting around for your life to start? 

Here’s the deal: 

I’ve met young people who want to change the world, but have no idea where to start. 

I've met young people who have tried to change the world, only to hit major roadblocks. 

And I've met young people who have started changing the world, only to lose motivation.

Each of these young people represent enormous potential that is being wasted by a world that doesn’t train or equip young people to start living real life NOW. 

We can’t afford to waste that potential any longer.

Every young person who wants to change the world needs to know how to get started, how to overcome all the common obstacles, and how to keep striving after excellence for God’s glory, not their own.

That is why I created Do Hard Things University. 

There is no reason motivated young people can’t learn the same things grownups are learning about finding their passions, setting and achieving significant goals, establishing good habits and routines, and getting others involved along the way. 

There’s no reason you (yes, YOU!) can’t change the world, starting right where you are and growing your impact from there…

...if you receive the right training.

Here's what your peers told me...

Survey of 706 Christian young people — ages 12-24

35.7% of young people identified with the statement, “I don’t have a clear direction for my life. I could use help identifying my passion.”

46.4% of young people identified with the statement, “I am passionate about something, but I’m not sure how to pursue it.”

29.3% of young people identified with the statement, “I am pursuing my passion, but I feel stuck and/or discouraged.”

20.2% of young people identified with the statement, “I am pursuing my passion, but I lack the practical skills I need.”

What would happen if these young people received the practical coaching they need to find their passions, start pursuing them, and grow in character and competence for God's glory?

They could change the world.


This kind of high-level training hasn't been available... UNTIL NOW.


Do Hard Things University

That's why I've put together a first-of-its-kind online training course to help you find your passion, get started, overcome obstacles, and stay motivated.

Do Hard Things University isn't just another class. It’s a combination of instruction and coaching that takes you by the hand and teaches you the principles and strategies behind making a big impact at a young age (or really, at any age).

DHTU provides the support you need to accomplish something important.

Easy-to-follow lessons? Check.

Interviews with young world changers? Check.

Hours of recorded coaching calls? Check.

Lifetime access to everything? Check.

DHTU is grounded in proven principles and strategies that work. It's broken down into practical lessons that address the most common questions I receive from young people.

This is the kind of serious instruction and coaching I wish had been available when I was just getting started. It's what I believe every young world changer needs to know.

I will teach you what I've learned.

Here's what you get:

The Course

Coaching Archives

Project Makeovers

Interview Series

Session 1: Why Do Hard Things?

The objective of this session:

To show you why doing hard things as a young person is unbelievably important.

  • You will learn why people have trouble staying motivated (it usually comes down to a wrong, weak, or forgotten "why").
  • You will learn exactly what "do hard things" means and what it does NOT mean (and this definition wasn't in our book).
  • You will learn why doing hard things as a young person is so critical — and why just doing easy things isn't an option.
  • You will learn which biblical command provides the basis for doing hard things (Hint: It's all over the New Testament).
  • You will learn powerful arguments from history and cutting edge brain science for why teens should do hard things.
  • You'll learn about the recent scientific breakthroughs that are reshaping our view of adolescent protential.
  • You will learn the neuroscience behind why what you do as a teenager shapes you for the rest of your life.

PLUS you get 40 minutes of recorded Q&A on this topic.

Session 2: Finding Your Passion

The objective of this session:

To answer the question: "How do I know which hard things God wants me to do?"

  • You will learn how to know which hard things God is calling you to do. (Hint: It's not as complicated as people like to make it).
  • You'll learn two primary reasons our generation has such a hard time determining God's will for our lives (even though we desperately seek it).
  • You'll learn about five major problems with the the popular view of God's will. (You've probably experienced some of these yourself). 
  • You'll learn the guiding biblical principles that free you to pursue good works with confidence. (Hat tip to God's Word).
  • You'll learn two helpful tools for identifying which hard things to do next and two key questions to ask yourself when confronted with an opportunity.
  • You'll learn a simple, four-step process for discovering your passions and finally identifying what God wants you to do.

PLUS you get 56 minutes of recorded Q&A on this topic.

Session 3: Getting Started 

The objective of this session:

To walk you through the hardest part of doing hard things: taking that first scary step.

  • You will learn why our fear of taking that "scary first step" pushes us towards two equally dangerous extremes.
  • You'll learn about five major reasons young people don't get started doing hard things (and the BIG reason behind them all).
  • You'll learn how NOT to start. This is probably the biggest mistake I see young people making and it can discourage them for life.
  • You'll learn three reasons why starting the wrong way is just as bad as not starting at all — and leads to confusion, discouragement, and feeling totally overwhelmed.
  • Three simple tips to avoid the dangerous extremes and launch your projects successfully (without killing yourself).
  • You'll learn why doing hard things doesn't always mean taking the hardest path. How to work smart and be realistic without being cynical (i.e. without being like those people who use "being realistic" as an excuse for never doing anything).
  • You'll learn how many young people miss out on amazing opportunities because they're looking in the wrong places.
  • You'll learn how to actually get going and start building momentum (even if you feel like you don't have time).

PLUS you get 90 minutes of recorded Q&A on this topic.

Session 4: Staying Motivated

The objective of this session:

To teach you a Bible-based, science-backed strategy for staying motivated.

  • You will learn about the typical motivation cycle people get sucked into and identify where you are in the cycle.
  • You'll learn the difference between motives and motivation (i.e. why having good reasons for doing something doesn't always mean you'll feel excited about doing it).
  • You'll learn why feeling motivated is still important when doing hard things (and that God wants us to feel motivated).
  • You'll learn what motivation actually is and how it works.
  • You'll learn what NOT to do if you want to stay motivated and discover which activities are actually killing your motivation.
  • You'll learn about five "motivation savers" that help highly productive people stay focused and motivated.
  • You'll learn three simple ways to use your motivation strategically (basically, how to get the most out of the motivation you have).

PLUS you get 60 minutes of recorded Q&A + Project Makeover

Session 5: Managing Your Time

The objective of this session:

To give you the practical tools you need to take control of your time and get stuff done.

  • You will learn my ten guiding principles for time management and receive six suggestions for practical application.
  • You'll learn the difference between busyness and fruitfulness and why a full schedule doesn't always mean a productive life.
  • You'll learn how to get way more accomplished in less time by identifying "productivity windows" and planning around them.
  • You'll learn which common productivity technique you must eliminate if you want to do your best work.
  • You'll learn how to truly rest and be refreshed from you work and why most people are getting this wrong.
  • You'll learn how to develop new habits and routines that stick and why most people have trouble doing this.
  • I'll walk you through the exact process I use to monitor and improve my time management.

PLUS you get 72 minutes of recorded Q&A + Project Makeover

Session 6: Team Building & Action Plans

The objective of this session:

To teach you how to build a team and create your action plan for doing hard things.

  • You'll learn five key principles to keep in mind when building a team (and why so many young people struggle with this).
  • You'll learn how to find "fellow enthusiasts" who are actually excited about your project and will truly help you.
  • You'll learn how to decide when you really need a team and when building a team is just a form of procrastination.
  • You'll learn an effective strategy for bringing team members onboard, which I learned from a popular children's book.
  • You'll learn a four step action plan for how to effectively respond to needs in your community or world.
  • You'll learn a four step action plan for how to effectively launch a content-based project (e.g. blog, YouTube channel, etc.)
  • You'll learn a four step action plan for how to effectively develop your gifts and talents for world-changing impact.

PLUS you get a detailed Project Makeover based on these principles.

Additional Resources

Resource #1:

6 Recorded Coaching Sessions 

I've spent dozens of hours helping students find their passions, get started, stay motivated, and manage their time well. 

And inside Do Hard Things University you'll have access to my entire Coaching Call Archives — where I answer over 50 questions submitted by young people just like you.

Plus, whenever I do new LIVE coaching calls — you get a free ticket to attend and ask your own questions. And those new recordings get added to the archive for you to revisit whenever you like.

Resource #2:

Project Makeover Library

Do you want to start a blog? Launch a ministry? Write a book?

Then you're going to love the Project Makeover Library.

Here’s how it works:

Inside the library you'll find me sitting down 1-on-1 with young people who want to change the world.

And for 30-45 minutes we'll talk and brainstom on video and come up with fresh ideas, new resources, and a solid action plan.

The library includes project makeovers for fiction and non-fiction writing, local outreach, evangelism, missions, blogging, and more.

And you get access to all of it when you join DHTU.

Resource #3:

World Changer Interview Series

I won’t just tell you young people can change the world. 

I’ll show you. 

You’ll hear from ordinary teenagers who have been used by God in extraordinary ways — as missionaries, philanthropists, activists, authors, and more. (And you'll even hear my dad's story!)

Each interviewee will share exactly how they found their passion, how they got started, and how they stay motivated.  

These interviews are only available to DHTU students.

TOP ROW (L-R): Riley Banks-Snyder, Missionary; Zach Bonner, Philanthropist; Alex Harris, Author. BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Gregg Harris, Teenage runaway; Jaquelle Crowe, Author; Austin Gutwein, Advocate

Jaquelle's Story: A book deal at eighteen

(and a writing career she didn't think was possible)

Jaquelle became a DHTU student in February. 

She had a dream to be a professional writer someday, but no idea where to start. 

32 days later, she had drafted the book proposal that went on to secure a book contract with Crossway, her dream publisher. 

45 days later, she published an article for that was read by over 16,000 people (and received 381 comments).

Since then she’s been invited to write for some of her all-time favorite websites, including and

Her first book, This Changes Everything: How The Gospel Transforms The Teen Years (Crossway) has won major book awards and is a Christian bestseller.

How much does it cost?

To be honest, it was hard to know what to charge for DHTU, mainly because no one (that I know of) has ever made this kind of training available to young people.

I know grownups pay between $500 and $5,000 for this kind of coaching. 

In fact, I've personally invested in three online courses that cost $2,000 each!

Those $2,000 courses were big purchases for me, but they have utterly changed my life.

I now have a clearer sense of what I’m supposed to be doing and how I’m supposed to do it.

And I believe my life will have a much greater Kingdom impact and be far more fruitful and effective because I made those investments.

They were worth every penny.

I was also looking at what parents invest in things like music lessons and ballet classes — which run between $30-90 per hour or class.

And if I charged even on the low-end of that range we’re talking $500+.

But at the end of the day, I want every young person to be able to take this life-changing course, and so I’ve made two big decisions to guarantee that:

First, I decided to charge much less than I was originally thinking...

$197 per student for 12 hours of training that will help you get off the default teenage path and onto a path that will change the world around you.

$197 works out to less than $17 per hour.

Second, I decided to offer DHTU on a Pay-What-You-Can basis — meaning no one will be turned away for a lack of funds. 

You can register for whatever price-point your family can afford, even if that means giving the course away for free.

Of course, by doing this I am trusting people not to cheat and rip me off. 

I’m already charging less than I probably should, so if you (or your parents) can afford to register at the standard rate, I need you to do that.

That being said, if money is a problem, I want to make it NOT a problem. That’s what the Pay-What-You-Can policy is for.

Do Hard Things University

PRICE: $197 once (or break it up into easy monthly payments)


Just me signing up

$197 once

No Recurring Payments

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Me and my sibling(s)

$292 once

No Recurring Payments

Get 6 Month Community Membership FOR FREE ($72 Value)

When You Purchase before December 22

A private online community where you can connect with mentors and peers and participate in productivity sessions and "do hard things" challenges.

( Available January 2020 )

Pay-What-You-Can Policy

We don't turn anyone away for lack of funds.

If your family can't afford $40/month... 

We want you to PAY LESS.

Families who are struggling financially are welcome to register for less — or even for FREE.

Click the button below for more information and to view our Pay-What-You-Can pricing options:


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try DHTU for 60 days... RISK FREE.  

What happens if you're not satisfied with your purchase? 

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase within the first 60 days, just ask for a refund. 

Simply email me anytime within 60 days of purchase to get your money back: [email protected] 

The only requirement is that you watch at least three sessions before requesting your refund. We only give refunds to people who give us a fair chance. :)

What Students Are Saying:

Do Hard Things University has not only helped me realize what my passion is; it has acted as a launching pad to pursue that dream. Through Brett's coaching I feel more equipped than ever to tackle hard, good things for the glory of God.

— JAQUELLE, Age 17

"DHTU was amazing! Sometimes we don't know where to start, and even if we do, we could use some encouragement and help along the way. If you're looking for God-honoring, practical teaching, you've come to the right place!"

— ANNALYSA, Age 15

"Do Hard Things University gave me a lot of resources and motivation to actually DO hard things meaningful things. I can't wait to see how the world is impacted and changed because of DHTU. I can't wait to see movers and shakers twenty years from now and realize, they went thru DHTU." 


Ten years ago I was just like you…

Ten years ago I was a directionless teenager. 

And by "directionless" — I don't mean I was goofing off and wasting my life. I just didn't have a clear sense of what God wanted me to do. 

I was a good kid. I did my chores. I got good grades. I was successful in my extracurricular activities. I did all the right things. 

But I wasn’t really headed anywhere specific. 

That all change the morning my dad walked in with a big stack of books and a summer reading challenge. Those books opened my eyes to the potential of our generation and convicted me over how often we squander it. 

My twin brother Alex and I channeled that excitement and conviction into a simple blog and a simple message to our peers: “Do hard things. Rebel against low expectations.” 

And God blessed it beyond our wildest dreams. 

Over the last ten years I’ve seen God take this simple idea and use it to transform countless lives. And I’ve experienced the joy of being included in God’s work — and having that sense of purpose and adventure that comes from doing what He made me to do. 

But here’s the thing… MY STORY COULD BE YOUR STORY. 

I’m just a few years ahead of you. I’m just a bit further down the path.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was in your shoes — longing to serve God in bigger ways, but unsure of where to start. 

But I was desperate for a change and I got a shove in the right direction in the form of some books. And within six months my life was totally different. 

I want YOU to have that same experience. I want to provide you with the encouragement and coaching you need to take the next step in your life. 

I want you to experience the joy of being part of what God is doing in our world.

That’s why I created Do Hard Things University.

I’d love to have you join me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions DHTU Students Asked Before Saying "Yes"

Is this a good fit for me?  

DHTU is a good fit for you if you can relate to any of the following: 

  • You are a committed Christian between the ages of 13 and 24. 
  • You are passionate about something, but you don't know how to pursue it and could use some guidance on getting started.
  • You are looking for confidence and clarity about WHAT hard things God wants you to do and HOW to start doing them.
  • You don't yet have a clear direction for your life and could use help identifying a passion that honors God.
  • You are interested in launching a project as a young person and want guidance from someone who has actually done it.
  • You've tried pursuing your passion, but you got stuck or discouraged and would love helping staying motivated.
  • You are already pursuing your passion, but want to take things to the next level. You're ready to grow your impact.

What if my family can't afford this? 

We offer all our programs with a Pay-What-You-Can policy — which means no one will be turned away for a lack of funds. If you are a single parent family, missionaries on support, dealing with unemployment, or struggling financially for any legitimate reason, you may register for what you can honestly afford — down to $0. Click here for more information. 

How much time does take?  

DHTU is an entirely self-paced course. You can buy it today and use it whenever. There's no required "homework" outside of class. And you won't miss out on anything if you need to take a break in the middle.  

That said, without any breaks a "slow and steady" schedule might be 1-2 hours per week for six weeks while going through the teaching sessions. With a "carpe diem" schedule the program can easily be consumed over Christmas break, which is what many students choose to do.  

My goal isn't to load you up with more "stuff." My goal is to provide the practical, step-by-step support you need to be more effective and productive in all that God has called you to do.

What I don't have time for another class?  

To be honest, I would think of this less as another "class" and more as a support system, where you will be encouraged, re-invigorated, and coached to be more effective and efficient in all your other responsibilities.  

In other words, I especially recommend DHTU to busy young people.  

Why? Because when busyness takes over the first thing to go is clarity. And once we lose clarity we lose purpose and passion. We're just running around going through the motions. We've lost our sense of why we're doing all this stuff anyway.  

DHTU is designed to help you step back from the grind and re-connect with what matters most. And we ALL need to do that.

I have another question...  

Contact us anytime by emailing: [email protected]

What Students Are Saying:

"This is one of the most worthwhile things I have ever been involved with, and it came at the perfect time for me. I think that any believing individual who desires to either find their passion or live a more fruitful life should take this course!"

— MALLORY, Age 19

"DHTU has been amazing! It's challenged me to make significant changes, and I'm excited to see where they lead me. I would definitely recommend this class to a teen who is looking for a sense of direction in life, or a project!"

— SAM, Age 16

"DHTU came at just the right time, as I was really struggling with time management and putting important things first. DHTU has helped me to re-evaluate my priorities and become more effective in doing hard things. I feel empowered to take action on the projects I am passionate about."

— LISBETH, Age 15


DHTU is a good fit for you IF...

You are a committed Christian between the ages of 12 and 24.

You are passionate about something, but you don’t know how to pursue it and could use some guidance on getting started.

You are looking for confidence and clarity about WHAT hard things God wants you to do and HOW to start doing them.

You don’t yet have a clear direction for your life and could use help identifying a passion that honors God.

You are interested in launching a project as a young person and want guidance from someone who has actually done it.

You've tried pursuing your passion, but you got stuck or discouraged and would love help staying motivated.

You are already pursuing your passion, but want to take things to the next level. You’re ready to grow your impact.

You have a dream. But do you have a plan?

Try DHTU for 60 days with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Just me signing up

$197 once

No Recurring Payments


Me and my sibling(s)

$292 once

No Recurring Payments