Ready For Something More?

A self-paced online course to help you pursue your passions and start doing hard things.

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Ready For Something More?

A self-paced online course to help you pursue your passions and start doing hard things.


"One of the most worthwhile things I have ever been involved with." — Mallory, Age 19

Needed Encouragement

It's hard to live for God as a teen today. We ALL need encouragement.

Practical Support

Be more effective in everything — from the big stuff to the small.

Proven Guidance

We've helped thousands of teens pursue their passions.

"One of the most worthwhile things I have ever been involved with." — Mallory


1 out of 2 teens aren't sure how to pursue their passion.

They desperately want their lives to count. But they feel stuck — in limbo.

Enter Do Hard Things University.

DHTU helps teens find their passion and start pursuing it.

How Does This Work?

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This is a self-paced video course for teens who want their lives to count.

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Discover how God can use ordinary teens for His big purposes. 

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What You Will Learn

Why You Should Do Hard Things

The objective of our first session is to show you why doing hard things as a young person is unbelievably important.

  • You will learn why doing hard things as a young person is so critical — and why just doing easy things isn't an option.
  • You will learn which biblical command provides the basis for doing hard things (Hint: It's all over the New Testament).
  • You will learn powerful arguments from history and cutting edge brain science for why teens should do hard things.

How To Find Your Passion

The second session is about helping you answer the life-changing question: "How do I know which hard things God wants me to do?"

  • You will learn how to know which hard things God is calling you to do. (Hint: It's not as complicated as people like to make it).
  • You'll learn two helpful tools for identifying which hard things to do next and two key questions to ask when facing an opportunity.
  • You'll learn a simple, four-step process for discovering your passions and finally identifying what God wants you to do.

How To Start Doing Hard Things

Our third session walks you through the hardest part of doing hard things: taking that first scary step.

  • You will learn why your fear of taking that "scary first step" pushes you towards two equally dangerous extremes.
  • You'll learn about five major reasons young people don't get started doing hard things (and the BIG reason behind them all).
  • You'll learn how many young people miss out on amazing opportunities because they're looking in the wrong places.

How To Stay Motivated

Our fourth session will teach you a Bible-based, science-backed strategy for staying motivated and being more productive.

  • You'll learn what motivation actually is and how it works.
  • You will learn about the typical motivation cycle people get sucked into and identify where you are in the cycle.
  • You'll learn what NOT to do if you want to stay motivated and discover which activities are actually killing your motivation.

How To Manage Your Time Better

Our fifth session will give you the practical tools you need to take control of your time and get stuff done.

  • You will learn my ten guiding principles for time management and receive six suggestions for practical application.
  • You'll learn how to get way more accomplished in less time by identifying "productivity windows" and planning around them.
  • I'll walk you through the exact process I use to monitor and improve my time management.

How To Build A Team

Our final session will teach you how to build a team and create your action plan for doing hard things into the future.

  • You'll learn five key principles to keep in mind when building a team (and why so many young people struggle with this).
  • You'll learn how to find "fellow enthusiasts" who are actually excited about your projects and will truly help you.
  • You'll learn a four step action plan for how to effectively respond to needs in your community or world.

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You Are Capable Of So Much More...

Don't let that potential go to waste.

"I feel more equipped than ever to tackle hard, good things for the glory of God."


"Do Hard Things University taught me how to make more effective use of my time."  

JASON, Age 14

"...motivated me to actually DO hard things." 


Stop Dreaming And Start Doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will registration re-open?

Registration opens only once or twice per year. Our next enrollment period will most likely be June 2020.

Is this a good fit for me?  

DHTU is a good fit for you if you can relate to any of the following: 

  • You are a committed Christian between the ages of 13 and 24. 
  • You are passionate about something, but you don't know how to pursue it and could use some guidance on getting started.
  • You are looking for confidence and clarity about WHAT hard things God wants you to do and HOW to start doing them.
  • You don't yet have a clear direction for your life and could use help identifying a passion that honors God.
  • You are interested in launching a project as a young person and want guidance from someone who has actually done it.
  • You've tried pursuing your passion, but you got stuck or discouraged and would love helping staying motivated.
  • You are already pursuing your passion, but want to take things to the next level. You're ready to grow your impact.

What if my family can't afford this? 

We offer all our programs with a Pay-What-You-Can policy — which means no one will be turned away for a lack of funds. If you are a single parent family, missionaries on support, dealing with unemployment, or struggling financially for any legitimate reason, you may register for what you can honestly afford — down to $0. Click here for more information. 

How much time does take?  

DHTU is an entirely self-paced course. You can buy it today and use it whenever. There's no required "homework" outside of class. And you won't miss out on anything if you need to take a break for exams or for the holidays.  

That said, without any breaks a typical schedule might be 1-2 hours per week for six weeks while going through the teaching sessions.  

My goal isn't to load you up with more "stuff." My goal is to provide the practical, step-by-step support you need to be more effective and productive in all that God has called you to do.

What I don't have time for another class?  

To be honest, I would think of this less as another "class" and more as a support system, where you will be encouraged, re-invigorated, and coached to be more effective and efficient in all your other responsibilities.  

In other words, I especially recommend DHTU to busy young people.  

Why? Because when busyness takes over the first thing to go is clarity. And once we lose clarity we lose purpose and passion. We're just running around going through the motions. We've lost our sense of why we're doing all this stuff anyway.  

DHTU is designed to help you step back from the grind and re-connect with what matters most. And we ALL need to do that.

I have another question...  

Contact us anytime by emailing: [email protected]


Brett Harris

Bestselling author of Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations. He loves inspiring and equipping young people to change the world — starting right where they are.

Brett Harris

Bestselling author of Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations. He loves inspiring and equipping young people to change the world — starting right where they are.